Let's give london
a fresh start

Shaun Bailey, Conservative candidate
for Mayor of London

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Shaun Bailey's plan for a fresh start...


Safer streets. With 8,000 more police officers and a new youth centre in every borough.

A transport network fit for a global city. Restoring order to Transport for London's finances so we protect the services Londoners rely on.

100,000 homes to be sold for £100,000 each. So first-time buyers under forty can get on the housing ladder.

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Why Shaun Bailey is standing for Mayor of London

Safer streets. Affordable homes. A transport network fit for a global city. And a lower cost of living.

Shaun Bailey will give London a fresh start.

100,000 homes for £100,000 each

It’s time to build homes that Londoners can actually afford.

Shaun Bailey has a plan to help first-time buyers on the housing ladder.

Counting the Pennies

Shaun Bailey was homeless in his twenties. So he knows what it’s like to struggle with money. 

That’s why Shaun will scrap Sadiq Khan’s council tax hike and cut the cost of living.

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