Let's give london
a fresh start

Shaun Bailey, Conservative candidate
for Mayor of London

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Shaun Bailey's plan for a fresh start...


Safer streets. With 8,000 more police officers and a new youth centre in every borough.

A transport network fit for a global city. Restoring order to Transport for London's finances so we protect the services Londoners rely on.

100,000 homes to be sold for £100,000 each. So first-time buyers under forty can get on the housing ladder.

Have you seen this?

TfL’s bankrupt. Let’s fix it.

Last year, TfL went bankrupt — twice.

Here’s why.

Reopen 38 Police Stations

Sadiq Khan closed 38 police stations.

But with the support of the Prime Minister, Shaun Bailey will reopen every single one.

The Great London Bake-off

It’s the showstopper challenge.

So who’s vision for London will win — Sadiq Khan’s or ShaunBailey’s?

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