Saving each London household £307 —

by reversing Sadiq Khan’s 10% council tax hike

The Mayor of London charges a tax called the Mayoral Precept. Every household in London pays this tax as part of their council tax bill.

Since becoming Mayor, Sadiq Khan has raised this tax by 20.3% for the average Londoner. And now he’s raising it by a further 10%.

This is all because he racked up £9.56 billion of wasteful spending at Transport for London — and can’t afford to fund services like free travel for under-18s and over-60s.

At a time when people are worried about their finances, the Mayor shouldn’t raise the cost of living — he should cut it.

So Shaun Bailey will scrap the 10% hike in council tax on day one.

Instead of raising taxes, Shaun will introduce commercial sponsorship for the tube. Just like Santander sponsor the bike-hire scheme.

This will raise enough revenue to protect the services Londoners rely on — including free travel for under-18s and over-60s. All without costing Londoners a penny.

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