Standing up for outer boroughs —

by scrapping Sadiq Khan’s plans to charge people £5.50 to drive into outer London. And by introducing 30-minutes free parking for outer boroughs

Sadiq Khan mismanaged London’s finances from day one. And now he needs to find new revenue.

It’s why he hiked the congestion charge. It’s why he’s expanding ULEZ. And it’s why he’s raising council tax by 10%.

But even with higher taxes, Sadiq Khan still won’t have enough money to fund his wasteful spending. That’s why he wants to introduce an Outer London Tax.

Under Sadiq Khan’s plans, drivers will have to pay £5.50 to enter anywhere in Greater London.

At a time when we should be supporting London’s recovery, this tax will hurt businesses and stop tourists visiting London.

So Shaun Bailey will scrap any Outer London Tax on day one.

And Shaun will support businesses in outer London by funding 30-minutes free parking for high streets in outer boroughs.

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